On October 26, at the Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theater, Ruggero Leoncavallo’s ‘Pagliacci’ will be shown. The role of Nedda will be a home debut for the world acclaimed Georgian soprano Tamar Iveri. To date, she has sung it a...

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Only 20km north of Tbilisi, lies one of Georgia’s oldest cities, Mtskheta (pronounced M-ts-khe-ta). Due to its historical significance and several cultural monuments, the "Historical Monuments of Mtskheta" became a UNESCO World He...

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Photographs of one of the most influential photographers of our time, the late Vitas Luckus, are on display at the Georgian National Museum. The exhibition displays Luckus’ travel photography from his time in the Caucusus.

To c...

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Coming in various sizes- from the giant Mother of Georgia you’ll spot on the hill overlooking the city to the cheeky little Tamada you might trip over as you leave the tourist hotspot of Shardin Street, Tbilisi has much to offer i...

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Presenting the work of well-known Chinese artists from the Chinese Artists’ Association, this exhibition at the Tbilisi History Museum includes 29 works that range in the mediums of oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, watercolor...

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With the number of tourists coming to Georgia growing by an incredible 26% last year and that number being expected to increase by 40% in the next, more and more people are wanting to come to experience the capital city through th...

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Another week, another hard-earned weekend! If you’ve been too busy to make plans for your 48 hours out of the office, the Where.GE team has got you covered! From Live music to exhibitions, you will be spoiled for choice.


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There might be many reasons to visit Svaneti, Georgia’s highest region and the furthest from its capital. Stunning Caucasus landscapes? Check. Millennium-old watchtowers? Check. Ancient roots of the proto-Georgian language? Pre-Ch...

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For a start, you should realize that most Georgian’s don’t celebrate Christmas on December 25- in fact, on our most important day, most Georgian kids are still at school and business are open as usual. That said, the streets are l...

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The Welcome to Georgia Musical is to premiere at the Vaso Abashidze Music and Drama Theater in Tbilisi, this month. A musical, theatrical play and romantic comedy, it tells astory of Georgia and its people by combining song, dance...

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Check out the Where.ge team's guide to the top streets in Georgia's capital.


An obvious choice since this is the main street of the city, but it is packed with museums, restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops...

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Georgia: The “I do”s and Don’ts

If you find yourself behind the wheel in Tbilisi pulling calmly (and perfectly legally) out of a side street ...

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