The warm, delicious coffee aroma alone, enveloping you and welcoming you into the cafe section the very second you step into Prospero’s Bookshop, nestled in the courtyard of 34 Rustaveli Avenue, is just one of the reasons...

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Tako Johnson is the Executive Director of Prospero’s Books, a popular Tbilisi bookshop and cafe chain which offers the best selection of English-language books in Georgia. We picked her brains on the best place to shop in the capi...

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While the bi-annual Tbilisi Book Fest is more a haven for Georgian readers than the rest of us, you'll be sure to get caught up in the excitement as you search for English (or Russian) publications among the many stands and displa...

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Books are one of the best companions on any journey, and while you’re passing through Georgia, you’ll be pleased to hear you’ll be able to grab something entertaining from a shelf in almost any large town and city. Check out our t...

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The largest book store chain in Georgia ‘Biblusi’ has launched its first tourist store, named ‘Georgian’. Located at David Aghmashenebeli 55, ‘Georgian’ is one of a kind and offers a great variety of Georgian products to visitors ...

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The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi is to host a real celebration for bookworms on April 23, as on this date it will transform it’s Hall a large-scale book fair. The day of the event has also been chosen on purpose, taking into account the...

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An English-language book fair will be held from 30 May to 2 June in Expo Georgia in Tbilisi.

The exhibition will feature English language non-fiction and fiction books such as classic novels the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Tri...

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Lena Kevkhishvili, Owner & Managing Director of the Autograph Georgia, reveals her top tips for shopping.


When Georgia comes to your mind, chocolate is not the first thing you think of. This i...

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Since April 1991, when Georgia regained her independence, the nation has been attracting an ever-increasing number of visitors. At first, not too many facilities existed to welcome tourists, though now, in most parts of the countr...

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The NGO 'Megrelian Language Association', which aims to preserve its local language, culture and traditions, has released the first Megrelian-language magazine, 'Sqani' ('Yours') and it is already on sale. 

The word 'Sqani' is ...

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