Dadiani Street just off Liberty (Freedom) Square, used to be known as the place to go for some good, hot khinkali or khashi the morning-after. In the past few years, however, and especially since the square was renovated and revit...

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What is EASY WINE?

EASY WINE is an international wine bar-restaurant brand found in Georgia and Europe.

EASY WINE is located in the historic part of the capital Tbilisi amidst the most important sights of the city. EASY WINE...

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"Rosé," or pink wine, is considered the perfect wine for summer. 

Made from red grape varieties, the pink color depends on the duration of its infusion with chacha (pomace). The color of the wine often hints at the aroma of the...

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No, that wasn’t a spelling mistake in the title- what you’ll find below are the latest in a long list of wine stores, restaurants and bars offering that beloved (and ancient) Georgian juice, famed worldwide for being the first of ...

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Wine company TERRA INITIA is to present six different types of wine to visitors for tasting.

Talks will be given on: Georgian Wine, Diversity, High Quality, Selection of Favorite Secrets, Harmony of Drink and Omelet.

Go alon...

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Where to Drink Guest Speaker, Jaba Dzimistarishvili, reveals his top picks for where to taste Georgian wine in the capital city. Accredited by the Georgian Sommelier Association and restaurant Meama's Chef-Sommelier, you can trust...

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The largest book store chain in Georgia ‘Biblusi’ has launched its first tourist store, named ‘Georgian’. Located at David Aghmashenebeli 55, ‘Georgian’ is one of a kind and offers a great variety of Georgian products to visitors ...

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On February 16-17, a sales exhibition will be held in the first tourist shop ('Georgian') launched by the biggest book store in Georgia, Biblusi.

The event will be accompanied by Georgian folklore. Georgian wine and tea tasting...

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Giorgi Chkhaidze, Owner of Wine Palace Hotel & Brand Wine Georgia, gives us some top spots for trying some of Georgia's renowned and delicious wine.


This hotel in the center of the town offers comfortable r...

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This Sunday October 6, at 8 PM, head along to the Brand Wine shop in Vake for a real taste of the Schuchmann Winery wines.

Among the delights you'll have the chance to sample will be: Vinotera Saperavi, Vinotera Kiss, Vinotera ...

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George Zhorzholiani, Marketing Director INN GROUP Hotels, let's us in on his shopping secrets.


A place for foreign tourists and locals alike, those who are interested in travel and the history of wine. Discover...

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