Lonely Planet has listed Georgia among the Top 10 countries to visit next year. Chile, South Korea, Portugal, Djibouti, New Zealand, Malta, Mauritius, China, and South Africa are also named.

“At this crossroads of the South Cau...

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Andreas Heidingsfelder, General Manager of Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel 

It was very hard to choose just five destinations to visit in Georgia, as there are so many places to explore in this country. When I travel to ...

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From the blog ‘The Brave Dame, 50 Things to Do in Tbilisi’ by Rose.


1.Bridge of the Hundred Thousand Martyrs

Historically, the bridge is a place of executions, the biggest one being the execution of the martyrs who didn...

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Wonderful as it is above ground, Georgia's underground is well worth exploring: from the depths of naturally formed caves to cities carved out of the rocks centuries ago. Check them out below.


Kumistavi Cave,...

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In an article published in January titled ‘Updated for 2018: Top 10 alternatives to Turkey for your summer vacation’, Georgia was ranked as the first choice. 

The Mestia region is mentioned as the favorite location. 


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“Georgia’s on everyone’s minds at the moment”

Following on from the vast amount of press Georgia is receiving at the moment, UK based The Independent has published an article entitled “Inside Ushguli, the most Remote Village in...

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Let me start this simply: I’m not a good flyer. Granted, I've done it many, many times over the years. I swallow my anxiety and just do it, because I have to. Yet, there is one huge component to the flights I usually take:...

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After nearly seven years, it was time for me to return to the capital of Azerbaijan for a few days to see some old friends. Some pleasant surprises were in store.

The visa! No more having to go either to an embassy/cons...

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Where.ge sat down with Niels Scott, the UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative and UNFPA Representative in Georgia, to find out his favorite spots around the country. Check out what he told us below.

"In Georgia,...

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Polish public broadcaster TVP 3 has made a documentary film about Adjara, located in Georgia’s southwestern corner.

The film is titled 'Adjarans from Beshumi to Batumi,' and was shown in the Apollo theater.

Feauring art, his...

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All great journeys begin with a first step, and spring is the best time for it. There are places to discover and quickly; places that bring you face-to-face with novelty and new emotions; places that grab those emotions and amplif...

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Last week's trek across Georgia from one end to the other produced a most interesting list of place names, probably similar in character but unique in detail to those you might find in any country of the world if you knew its lang...

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