John Wurdeman

Director of Pheasant’s Tears

I have had the joy of living in Georgia since 1996.  Over the years as an expat I was asked many times to show guests real authentic Georgia, the real songs, cuisine, wine, people a...

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Maya Sidamonidze, Owner of The Terrace Restaurant and Hotel


If you prefer wine over cocktails, the best place to visit is g.Vino in Old Tbilisi, which offers a wide variety of Georgian natural bio-artisan wines produc...

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Kety Meladze, President of Georgian Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe Federation (Horeka.ge), President of Georgian Association of Guides (guides.ge)


Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi Historical Museum – On the lower floor you ca...

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Patrick Honnef, CEO of Château Mukhrani shares the best of his hotel experiences from his frequent tours around Georgia


Rooms Hotel Tbilisi (14 Kostava Street) – the most stylish hotel in town! Rooms Hot...

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Café Volver, located at 58 Lado Asatiani Str., Tbilisi, is hosting the first Georgian-made Alpine Cheese degustation on October 18, 7PM.   

Georgian Alpine cheese is produced using the best Swiss recipe and technology, the even...

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It is difficult even for locals and residents to say whether there are more places to eat or places to stay in Tbilisi; this phenomena is truly a city-wide personification of Georgia’s legendary hospitality. Hostels, guest houses ...

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Don't leave Tbilisi without buying...


The oldest remaining samples date back to around the end of the 17th century- cotton tablecloths painted in various hues of blue. In the eighteenth century...

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On October 26, at the Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theater, Ruggero Leoncavallo’s ‘Pagliacci’ will be shown. The role of Nedda will be a home debut for the world acclaimed Georgian soprano Tamar Iveri. To date, she has sung it a...

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The warm, delicious coffee aroma alone, enveloping you and welcoming you into the cafe section the very second you step into Prospero’s Bookshop, nestled in the courtyard of 34 Rustaveli Avenue, is just one of the reasons...

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In an article published by The Evening Standard, Georgia is named as the top destination and “a wine-lovers’ heaven” worth a visit in 2018. The author of the article, Disha Daswaney, notes that travel experts at Lonely Planet have...

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“On the count of three, start running; do not jump or look back — just run!” With our harnesses in place, helmets on, GoPro in hand, and safely strapped to each other, we were ready to go. As soon as the chute was up, it caught th...

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Are you looking for ways to spend your free time after a hard week at work? Well, you will be spoiled for choice after reading our guide to the hottest things to do in the capital city this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. From our se...

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