As with anything else in life, there are several ways to drink in Georgia. The traditional supra is an experience for any visitor, but not one to be repeated too often – likewise, the city’s wine bars are a delight, but repeated s...

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Any visitor to Georgia will quickly realize that Georgians have a talent for both making and drinking alcohol in quantities greater than the Seven Seas combined, as well as learn the fact that the tradition of quaffing booze by th...

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Batumi is to host a beer festival on July 7, where guests can enjoy a summer theater, cold beer, pleasant music, exhilarating competitions and prizes from 12pm. Throughout the day, local bands will perform, including Soundlab, Paa...

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DivexFabrika will be hosting Dream Machine Records on October 19, a Georgian record label founded by Levi Berishvili (DJ Tomwildculture) and Giorgi Zhvania (Villiescrow aka Cillian) in 2017. 

The label releases various musical ...

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I was intrigued when traveling to work every day to see the fast appearance of several rust-effect boxes placed on the hillside, then their transformation into a stylish multi-level restaurant with large windows, wooden ...

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Salome Mosidze, Brands and Tourism Development Manager at Teliani Valley, sat down with us to give her Top 5 recommendations for where to enjoy a drink. Check out what she told us below.


A wonderful choice for ...

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We all find fictional characters and their authors relatable to different extents. “I drink to make other people more interesting.” Can’t you kind of see where Ernest Hemingway was coming from when he said that? If you found the q...

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Georgia is the homeland of wine and it is easy to forget that beer-making is also an old tradition from the Caucasus. Beer-brewing was introduced to Georgia from the countries of the Old East, Ancient Egypt, Iran and Mesopotamia. ...

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The only thing greater than the great cultural experience the city of Tbilisi offers is the live music to be found inside the walls of crowded cafes and bars. Here are a few of our favorite places for a night out on the town.


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Vato Kvachantiradze, Tsiskvili Group Bar Manager, Member of the Barmen's Association and Trainer, sat down with us prior to the New Year to give us some tips where to best head out to for a drink with friends and loved ones this h...

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The history of European beer production in Georgia dates back to the 1850s, introduced by German colonists who lived in Tiflis in the 19th century who started brewing beer in factories here; however, despite the high productivity,...

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