An exhibition of works of Georgian artist Karlo Kacharava is open at the Dimitry Shveradnadze National Gallery, Tbilisi.

Karlo Kacharava, (1964-1994), who is considered one of the most acknowledged contemporary Georgian artists...

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“Discommunication” is a bizarre concept in a city, where thousands of people live in close vicinity. The opportunities to talk to friends and strangers alike are multi-fold, but, paradoxically, cities spur the feeling of lonelines...

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The ordinary, unornamented glass-door entrance is often unnoticed by the hordes of tourists passing by in search of the Sioni church. The famous church and former See of the Georgian Orthodox clergy is located right next to the Tb...

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Swiss artist Therese Weber blends paper art, drawing and photography to create an "impressive, innovative and pictorial language." Her influence comes from travels in the Far East, Central and Southeast Asia, and the Caucasus.

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Tbilisi has an evolving food, club and fashion scene, making it a must-see destination of late, but the Georgian capital’s renaissance has now reached the realm of contemporary art.

As proof, this weekend it is to host its firs...

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Tbilisi is the hotspot for a thriving and engaging youth scene, which exhibits their art in an amazing way. Below we have listed five gallery spaces you can’t miss when heading to Georgia’s capital.




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From May 25 the Georgian National Museum and the Embassy of Italy to Georgia are to present the exhibition “Geniuses of Renaissance”, where visitors can see masterpieces from the Royal Library of Turin. 

This project is the res...

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The Embassy of Italy and the Georgian National Museum have worked successfully in the past, for many years bringing masterpieces to Tbilisi. Well, here we go again. And now with an exhibition focusing on contemporary artists from ...

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ReWoven is an exhibition presented by rug weavers and museum workers in memory of Ryan Smith, who was murdered alongside his wife and child in Georgia this summer.

The ReWoven project was started in Georgia in 2015 in the South...

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From September 28 through 30, the second annual EthnoFest will kick off in Tbilisi. The Ethno Fest (officially known as the International Summit of Crafts and Design), sees craft makers, designers, entrepreneurs, retailers and exp...

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An exhibition of Dong Ho woodcut painting, at the Mose Toidze Art House Museum in Tbilisi, will open on September 22 at 5 PM.

Trang Regner, an ethnologist from the Nam Dinh province in North Vietnam, will make a presentation ab...

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Georgian EuroArt and Dutch ArtEcho Foundations, directed by Dali de Graaf-Ubilava, together with Georgian and foreign partners, have organized an exhibition of the French artist Aurélien Villette, ‘Resolution of Silence – Abkhazia...

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