Teona Baghdavadze, Founder at Key Communications


Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is a top spot for Instagram travelers. You will definitely take plenty of amazing pictures on the Terrace with its view of Mount Kazbeg...

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Last year, Georgia hosted more than six million visitors. Unsurprisingly, the demand for more and better hotels is on the up.

WHERE has picked out some of the new hotels opening in Georgia for you to choose from on your next vi...

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If you, like me, prefer to go local when traveling- to hear the stories from the people living them rather than from a glossy brochure, then the typical family guest house is for you. Choose carefully, however, because there’s “ro...

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It’s that time of year when the chill creeps into the air and the leaves turn brown, yellow, red and purple. It’s time for enjoying the harvest: picking grapes, making chacha and churchkhelas (nuts coated in grape jelly), and rela...

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Put simply, Lopota Lake Resort and Spa, no matter how pretentious it may sound, is one of those places in Georgia you should definitely put on your “must-visit" list if you decide to travel outside Tbilisi and explore Kakheti, esp...

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It is difficult even for locals and residents to say whether there are more places to eat or places to stay in Tbilisi; this phenomena is truly a city-wide personification of Georgia’s legendary hospitality. Hostels, guest houses ...

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Patrick Honnef, CEO of Château Mukhrani shares the best of his hotel experiences from his frequent tours around Georgia


Rooms Hotel Tbilisi (14 Kostava Street) – the most stylish hotel in town! Rooms Hot...

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John Wurdeman

Director of Pheasant’s Tears

I have had the joy of living in Georgia since 1996.  Over the years as an expat I was asked many times to show guests real authentic Georgia, the real songs, cuisine, wine, people a...

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