Chacha, that is, spelt in Georgian using that consonant which lies sonically between English j and ch, the same first consonant of Adjara. Imbibing this drink, however, may not at all help you find that sound…

Chacha is...

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The Where.ge team was this month lucky enough to grab the recommendations of Mikheil Avsajanishvili, a Brand Chef of 12 Georgian restaurants and jury member of the culinary show “Kitchen Wars." Discover his favorite wineries below...

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New Mziuri Café has a great upcoming event for the fans of John Lennon and his music.

“If your heartbeat gets faster or skips a beat when you’re listening to Lennon’s music and if you think the world has had only a few musician...

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Batumi, Georgia’s glittering Black Sea gem, is a popular spot for summer vacations, among Georgians and foreigners alike. Any time of year you visit, you might enjoy a drink. A cocktail in the summer, a glass of wine on a breezy f...

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The first tea bushes appeared in Western Georgia in 1847, and since then tea production has played a significant, yet widely unknown, role in Georgia’s history. The humid and subtropical climate of Western Georgia in the ...

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Irakli Piranishvili, Owner of Zona and Up2you reveals his top places to chill with a drink in Ajara.


Zona is a cozy place with tasty food, good prices, live music evenings throughout the week and a good location - near ...

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Ajara is one of the oldest wine-making regions in Georgia – a fact seen in the great number of local vine varieties, centuries-long wine-making tradition and by archeological findings. Although the conquest by the Ottomans in the ...

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Georgia is the homeland of wine and it is easy to forget that beer-making is also an old tradition from the Caucasus. Beer-brewing was introduced to Georgia from the countries of the Old East, Ancient Egypt, Iran and Mesopotamia. ...

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Giorgi Chkhaidze, Owner of Wine Palace Hotel & Brand Wine Georgia, gives us some top spots for trying some of Georgia's renowned and delicious wine.


This hotel in the center of the town offers comfortable r...

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To cap off another hot week (both in terms of temperature and politics) in the Georgian capital, there is always something fun going on for a Friday night. This week, on Friday, July 5, the restaurant Kolkhuri Sakhli is hosting an...

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On June 28-29, Georgia, known as the ‘cradle of wine’ and famous for 8,000 years of winemaking traditions, is to host yet another wonderful show for wine enthusiasts by introducing the best Italian wines and launching the Italian ...

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This could have been any supra, but as it turned out it was the one in late January where, you know, they sacrifice a calf to… prevent the deaths of calves. Paradox much, Svans?

Although my Georgian is far from perfect, and my ...

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