The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi is to host a real celebration for bookworms on April 23, as on this date it will transform it’s Hall a large-scale book fair. The day of the event has also been chosen on purpose, taking into account the fact that April 23 is global World Book and Copyright Day. The event also supports the social campaign launched by Giorgi Kekelidze, General Director of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, called ‘Give a Book’ (#აჩუქეწიგნი).

The event is carrying a number of important messages and is primarily aimed at the promotion of book reading and increasing awareness of Georgian literature among foreigners. The iltmore Hotel Tbilisi represents a ‘strategic’ location for organizing this type of event as it is to grab the attention of city guests staying at the hotel, as well as local residents of Tbilisi and other regions of Georgia.

Five publishing houses, Palitra L, Intelekti, Artanuji, Diogene and Bakur Sulakauri, along with the Santa Esperanza Bookshop, will present a great variety of books and the most outstanding masterpieces of literature. Foreign visitors who want to discover the Georgian culture and delve into an authentic Georgian atmosphere will have an opportunity to purchase books by local authors translated into various languages.

A sales-exhibition is also being organized for charity purposes. Proceeds will be donated to Gurjaani Library restoration. In addition, the participating publishing houses will either financially assist or send books to the library.

The event will start at 10:00 and last until 19:00, giving a chance for book enthusiasts to take a trip through a new universe of books and pick up a copy of the most popular works.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya