Located near the famous Warszawa Bar, just above the old city walls that were discovered under Pushkin Street, the small Aristaeus shop offers a lot of truly Georgian specialties to those who want to take home some delicious memories.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to pack kharcho stew or pkhali in your suitcase. But you can instead buy spices that made those dishes taste amazing! Aristaeus has a decent choice of different brands of spices – and you can choose either by criteria “for meat/salad/fish/khinkali”, or just buy your favorite adjika or Svan salt.

They also have dozens of cheeses from the Georgian monasteries (the fanciest ones are from Poka monastery in Samtskhe-Javakheti) and tea from Guria (not only the brands you see in the supermarkets). Jams and sauces of all kinds are also present on the shelves, so if you prefer to takedelicacies instead of magnets back to your loved ones, don’t hesitate to walk in.

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19 Pushkin Str., Tbilisi


0322 92 00 37




11:00 - 19:00