I thought I’d write about a few of my favorite eateries that not only deserve to be kept open, but will cater to any and all tastes. Furthermore, these are all places I have a personal history with and each one of these establishm...

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We at Hanmer Guest House know that there is a lot of competition for tourism in Svaneti. Even in this village of Etseri, much less frequented than Becho, Mestia or Ushguli, ours is not the only place to stay or get a meal. And we ...

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The festival season has started in the Georgian National Botanical Garden. An ice cream festival was held on June 26 and 27 in an open festive space. Up to 20 companies participated in the event, including small entrepreneurs, mas...

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Nowadays, healthy eating and lifestyle are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people try to avoid eating junk food and reduce food and drinks high in fat, salt and sugar. And what could be better than healthy local Dried...

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Adjara Group is joined by Wolt and Glovo in supporting the fund 1anoba. For  every order placed from Lolita and Cafe Stamba on the Wolt and Glovo platforms, 2 GEL will be transferred to the Fund. Half of each donation is covered b...

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As a single mother of three, I have really come into my own in the kitchen these past 4 weeks of self-isolation, helped not least by the fact I can pop to the shops for fresh or missing ingredients when I google "What to do with l...

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There’s nothing better than a great view, gentle music and a melt-in-the-mouth selection of the best Georgian cuisine has to offer. If you’ve got change to spare and are not on a budget, then these restaurants will be right up you...

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Georgians are big on natural tasting dishes, using their home-grown fruit, nuts and honey to create small and well-loved wonders of simple and nutritious sweetness. We’re going to focus on that sweetness here, and teach you how to...

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Antoine Bardon, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Georgia, gives us his top recommendations for where you should head to for your next dinner out.


When I decide to go for dinner, I always tak...

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Secret London magazine has written about the creation of a fondue  pizza, dripping with five-types of cheese. It is notewothy that the  shape and filling of the new kind of pizza are very similar to  well-known Georgian dish Adjar...

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“The greatest gastronomic secret has been let out of the bag,” writes CNN as the media company goes in detail to praise Georgian cuisine that is finally getting the acknowledgment it deserves.

“Georgian food and wine, long reve...

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The BBC has devoted the article to Georgian earliest techniques of cheesemaking, titled 'The Woman Saving Georgia's Lost cheeses.' 

It is noteworthy that during the 70 years of Soviet rule, these diverse techniques of cheesemak...

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