Wine Junkies is a Georgian artisanal wine subscription service that was created during the late lockdown period.

The team of Wine Picker and Main Foodie chooses the best Georgian wine from small wineries and natural farmer products which are then transformed into gourmet snacks.

Every month, there are several thematic packages - Enogastronomic Box (1 bottle of wine and snacks) for 89 GEL, Box of Two (two bottles of wine) for 77 GEL and Mighty Six-Pack (six bottles of wine) for 240 GEL.

The package theme is announced on the first day of the month. Orders are accepted until the 12th, and delivery is on the 15th.

Every month offers a unique theme, unique wines and products. However, if you a need an original present for your friends, colleagues or partners, you can order three days in advance and have it delivered.

Join the Wine Junkies family! There is a 1, 3 and 6 months subscription.

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