Sunday March 3rd marks Mother's Day in Georgia, and children came home from school laden with paper flowers and hand-made cards.

Following on from that, on Friday, Georgian's celebrate Women's Day, and so it is with love and respect for women and an appreciation of the arts that Kiwi Vegan Cafe welcomes Armenian-Iranian artist Nafise and her exhibition 'Love Waves - Mother's Love.'

"It is a collection of illustrations put together over a period of two years," the artist states of her work. "Inspired by the love of a mother for her child and a dialogue between a husband and wife, the illustrations demonstrate the life of a soul, an outside reflection from a depth within - like visualizing poem with every word in motion, dancing. Each is a rainbow of bliss and peace; a love needless of any description; a flame of love which one can either be touched by or be without, in remorse for not having known it. Love is over, be it earthly or heavenly. It has its own language it's own waves. It's own ways not known by mere words but by seeing within and beyond boundaries or creeds. Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you (psalm 95/4) as the wind that moves the waves to the shore it came to me touching my feet before going back to the sea. A song of how love waves so soon as they come leave to return to the sea. A sea of blissful eternity..."

To catch a glimpse of the depth of her vision, head along to Kiwi Vegan Cafe between March 3-8 to see Nafise's framed illustrations, selling for 180-220 GEL.

WHERE: Kiwi Vegan Cafe, 6 Iv. Machabeli St., Tbilisi (Facebook)

WHEN: Until March 8, 8PM