144 Stairs

This is a great historical place under the Narikala hill to feel the true spirit of Tbilisi and experience unforgettable Georgian cuisine, wine and the beauty of the Old Town! 144 Stairs restaurant offers reasonable prices, quality service and a great view over the city.

The space becomes even more beautiful with the special art works exhibited there, giving you the feeling that you’re in the perfect blend of museum, panorama, and delicious Georgian and European food. Even though the shisha culture is not heavily predominant in Georgia, there are still locals as well as lots of tourists who enjoy smoking shisha and 144 Stairs offers this service, too.

Address: 64 Barnov Str.

TEL 243 00 41

O, Moda, Moda

Situated close to the divide between the districts of Vake and Vera, this cafe is decorated in a French style and boasts its own gift shop selling locally-made crafts and clothes, as well as outside patio seating. Frequently full of customers, the cafe occasionally hosts live musical performers indoors and out. Its coffees and teas go well with the selection of delicious desserts on offer, the drinks and food made even more enjoyable by the charming décor of tasteful paintings and assorted artwork.

Address: 64 Barnov Str.

TEL 243 00 41

Oxygen Bar, Radisson Blu Iveria

Stylish décor and soft music are not even the most appealing things about this bar-restaurant; as the name suggests, Oxygen Bar sits at the top of the Radisson hotel, one of the tallest structures in the city, and boasts fantastic views of Tbilisi. It is particularly recommended to visit after sundown, when the many churches and the Narikala fortress are bathed in a gentle orange glow. The Mtatsminda mountain looms above, while the illuminated bridges spanning the river Mtvari sit below; coupled with the stimulating conversation of someone close, it is not a sight one is likely to forget.

Address: 1 Rose Revolution Sq.

TEL +995 322 40 22 00

Prospero's Books & Caliban's Coffee

This cafe-bookshop is as colorful as its name. One of the oldest foreign-owned hangouts in Tbilisi, Prospero's Books remains popular with both tourists and expatriate residents. The cafe serves unique blends of coffee with beans imported from as far away as Columbia, Kenya and Indonesia, as well as small meals and snacks. A corner of the cafe is used to host a weekly children's reading and activity hour, as well as occasionally being used for launch events for books concerning Georgia. The bookshop itself is the largest English-language bookshop in the country, and visitors to the cafe are free to sit in the cafe and browse through volumes off the shelves or sit with their laptops. Though the main business sits on Rustaveli Avenue, it has since expanded to an enclave of Betsy's Hotel with a newer branch on Pekini Avenue.

Address: 34 Shota Rustaveli Ave.

TEL 2 92 35 92

Cafe Leila

Located in a truly charming part of Tbilisi with fairytale streets and architecture, Cafe Leila’s stunning Georgian-Persian interior fits comfortably with its exterior surround- ings. Snug and colourful, Cafe Leila serves a large number of vegetarian twists on traditional Georgian cuisine as well as foreign dishes such as hummus, suitable for those observing religious fasts and vegetarians alike. Sitting outside in a quiet scenic street during the summer, or inside in the warmth of the small dining hall in winter, feels equally cosy.

Prices are relatively high (especially alcoholic drinks) due to the specialized nature of much of Cafe Leila’s menu, but this is excused by the high quality of the food. A must for any vegetarian, or those looking for a unique take on familiar Georgian dishes.

Address: 18 Erekle II Str.

TEL 555 94 94 20

New Mziuri

The new kid on the block and an easy favourite for many, this social café is ideal for a drink with friends or family in one of the lungs of the city- Mziuri Park. The fresh, modern Euro/Eco-style café offers a delicious menu of light and medium snacks, pizza and good, strong coffee. On Sundays, they organize children’s readings and activities with Georgian authors. Child-and-everyone friendly, the staff are fast, professional, approachable and speak English.

Address: Mziuri Park


TELL 577 68 75 75