Kety Meladze: Exclusive Tips for Shopping Lovers

Kety Meladze, President of Georgian Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe Federation (, President of Georgian Association of Guides (


Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi Historical Museum – On the lower floor you can find everything you need to learn about Georgian culture and traditions.

Meidan Market

Here you can buy Georgian souvenirs as well as many varieties of wine. There’s a super underground tunnel which is cool in summer and warm in winter.

Old Cellar (Dzveli Marani)

Kote Apkhazi Str. No51 - Here you can buy and enjoy a variety of traditional Georgian wine and other alcoholic beverages. In the basement of the shop is the real treasure – a historical cellar dated back to the 17th century which has been reconstructed and functionally recovered. It leaves an ineradicable impression on each guest.

Cheese House

Georgia is not only a country of wine: there are more than 250 varieties of cheese, many of which are represented for sale at the Cheese House, Kote Apkhazi Str. #10.

Souvenir shop Pirosmani

Located on Pushkini and Erekle II streets, it’s an ideal place to learn about and buy special Georgian souvenirs and handmade jewelry.