"I sat down to an outdoor, unpretentious table brimming with a local Georgian supra (feast) amongst the picturesque landscape of the Caucasus Mountains" says the first line in the New York Daily News article entitled 'Hungry for Travels: Georgia (Should Be) On Your Mind".

The article is one of many recently published by both European and American news sources, highlighting the tourist potential of Georgia. 

This specific article is a travelers experience in Georgia, specifically the Svaneti and Kakheti regions of the country, where she sampled local cuisine and, of course, wine.

"Alongside my khinkali and khachapuri was a simple yet vibrant garden salad consisting of vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, parsley, and a drizzle of a regional nutty tasting oil. With my first bite of the salad I was speechless. Never in my life have I encountered anything like it. The intensely red large tomatoes possessed more flavor than any tomato I have ever consumed, and the cucumber tasted as though the essence of ten cucumbers had been condensed into one" the author, Blakely Trettenero, says of Georgian salad.

Interestingly enough, many of the articles that contain travel blogs, are normally from first-time travelers to Georgia, who previously had little-to-no idea about Georgia in general, let alone its cuisine. 

"Georgian cuisine, while still very much unfamiliar to most of the world, will not be unknown for very long and for good reason" Trettenero says.

At the end of the article, Trettenero sums up her Georgian experience in Kakheti. "I sipped on a glass of Saperavi at an outdoor café in Sighnaghi, in a scene that looked like it could be out of a fairy tale. Grape vines and small but colorful flowers made a canopy above me as I overlooked the incredibly picturesque buildings, vineyards, and Caucasus Mountains"

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By Tamzin Whitewood