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Whether you’re lazing on the beach, by the pool, on a terrace over-loooking the capital or camping (or glamping!) in the mountains, there’s nothing better than a book to help you discover the intricacies of Georgian culture. Check out this summer’s offerings below.


Written by a British author who has lived in Georgia for 12 years, Dark Wings offers a suspenseful and fun plot set throughout the country. It tells the story of Ela, whose guardian angel is fighting to protect her from the demons who have come to town. Of course, it doesn't help when she falls in love with one of them. A great way to discover Georgian culture, religion and traditions through fiction- this is a must-read for all ages! Available on

BE MY GUEST (The Georgian Recipe for Cooking Success)

Be My Guest is a book of remarkable stories and delicious recipes created by Georgians living abroad who achieved fame and success in their other careers. It reveals how genuine imaginative talent finds expression in all levels of life - and for Georgians, at the table in particular. Whether a hero of the Napoleonic wars; the founder of the New York City Ballet; a Hollywood muse or New York night-club owner.


One book apparently is not enough for the long history of Georgia. But this is concise and tells the history of Georgia from the ancient era (Stone Age, i.e. 35,000 years ago) through the modern times (including the Rose Revolution of 2003 and Russian Aggression of 2008). The book deals with different issues of Georgian history: geographical location of the country, natural environment, population, historical and geographical review, ethnogenesis of the Georgians....


This one covers 100 natural and historical memorials of Georgia. From natural attractions to protected territories, caves, rivers and canyons, summits and mountain passes, lakes and mineral waters: resorts and cities are set forth. Of historical sightseeing locations, churches and monasteries, fortresses and towers and houses of worship of different eras, architectural styles and importance are covered.

UNTAMED (8000 VIntages of Georgian Wine)

Whenever a vine grows, its fronds intertwine with countless human stories. Man's labor brings forth drink from the vine and poets sing its praises. Kings and fools together marvel at wisdom it bestows. Untamed is an invitation to understand this unique relationship between Georgians and their wine; to explore different grapes and terroirs, and to discover the joy-filled philosophy of a small nation that has so much to offer the world.


Beginning with the first intimations of the existence of Georgians in ancient Anatolia and ending with the volatile presidency of Mikheil Saakashvili, Rayfield deals with the country’s internal politics and swings between disintegration and unity, and divulges Georgia’s complex struggles with the empires that have tried to control, fragment, or even destroy it. He describes the country’s conflicts with Xenophon’s Greeks, Arabs, invading Turks, the Crusades, Genghis Khan, the Persian Empire, the Russian Empire, and Soviet totalitarianism. A wide-ranging examination of this small but colorful country, its dramatic state-building, and its tragic political mistakes, Edge of Empires draws our eyes to this often-overlooked nation.

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